A Discord bot that creates space related events and sends live streams!

January 1, 2022 (edited: January 21, 2022)

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The open source LiveLaunch Discord bot creates scheduled events in your guild when enabled using the data from the Launch Library 2 API, ran by The Space Devs. The events are maintained by the bot, so they remain up to date with the most recent information.
This means the bot will automatically start, cancel and move the events around when the schedule changes.

Further more, the bot can also send YouTube livestreams in your assigned channel using Discord webhooks to make it look like the actual YouTube channel.


  • The bot is enabled using the /enable command with the following options:
    • messages: Create events with a maximum of 50
    • events: Send YouTube livestreams to the specified channel
  • Scheduled events can be synchronized using the /synchronize command, for example when you accidentally remove one.
  • Features can be disabled using the /disable command.
  • For a similar explanation within Discord use the /help command.

Terms of Service

LiveLaunch only needs the mentioned permissions in the invite on your Discord server to perform its tasks. It will not need anything else.

Privacy Policy

LiveLaunch does not collect any user data.