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A couple for today

As I’m not being as restrictive on myself as I used to be, as I’m my own worst critic, I’ll post a few others for today.

In the third image, if you look right above the middle stone, you’ll notice a dolphin photobomber. I noticed him emerge slightly from the water afterwards at a different area, but only for the briefest of seconds, therefore I wasn’t able to capture him. However, it seems that he knew what I was doing and wanted to pose…

P1260827_lzn P1260833_lzn P1260860_lzn P1260890_lzn P1260904_lzn P1260906_lzn P1260912_lzn

A short photoshoot

I did a short photoshoot of this cute kid a month or two ago. Here’s a couple photos of her. :)

I don’t do a lot when it comes to people photography, however it’s not that hard and pretty much follows the same principals I use for nature photography. I’d be interested in trying it more often.

P1230380_lzn P1230360_lzn P1230255_lzncropped P1230244 P1230199_lzn P1230284_lzn P1230293_lzn_tonemapped P1230320_lzn


It’s been ten days.

I haven’t really been motivated to post much these days. I don’t know if anyone even looks at this blog – I certainly don’t see many comments. Is it worth it for me to keep posting photos? I certainly have plenty that I could post – it’s just hard to keep motivated.

Here’s a few from a sunset the other day. :)

P1250760_lzn P1250766_lzn P1250774_lzn P1250783_lzn P1250798_lzn P1250862_lzn P1250871_lzn

First post in a week – Tybee

I visited Tybee Island for a beach retreat. Here are some of the resulting photos from the trip in random order. There’s quite a few that I still need to process, as well as random other photos post, which I’ll do in the upcoming few days.

Remember, WordPress does a horrible job of creating thumbnails, so click on them to enlarge…

Without futher ado..

P1220533_lzn P1220022_lzn P1220407_lzn P1220025_lzn P1220428_lzn P1220295_lzn P1220254_lzn P1220529_lzn P1220498_lzn P1220210_tonemapped P1220196_tonemapped P1220072_tonemapped P1220060_lzn P1220059_lzn P1220449_lzn P1220461_lzn P1220490_lzn P1220552_lzn P1220563_lzn P1220737_lzn P1220706_lzn P1220657_lzn P1220655_lzn P1220625_lzn P1220615_lzn P1220580_lzn P1220565_lzn P1220570_lzn P1220758_lzn P1220761_lzn P1220766_lzn P1220791_lzn P1220783_lzn P1220815_lzn P1220820_lzn P1220916_tonemapped P1220930_tonemapped P1220489_lzn


I’m just going to post five bird photos a day for the next two days, as I’m not sure what to post. I have so many bird photos it’s ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve posted any of these so far, if I have, I’m sorry, but I haven’t scrolled through my posts today. :)


I’m trying to make a commitment to post -something- every day, even if it’s familiar material. Here’s something for today.

P1140326_lzn P1140349_lzn P1140410_lzn P1140412_lzn P1140415_lzn

The cemetery

I visited the cemetery where my grandmother is buried today. On my way walking away the short distance from her grave to the road, I saw this monarch butterfly zipping about, stopping only momentarily every so often, showing off. For some reason, my mind processed it as a sign, that my grandmother, who was one of the most strong and steadfast Christian’s I know, is in Heaven living an eternal life she could only dream of in this world.

Here’s a photo of the butterfly, a bird I spotted resting on a tree and another butterfly, which seems to have not a lot of time left due to its wings which aren’t in the best shape.

Just Stephen

P1180711_lzn P1180713_lzn P1180732_lzn

Viewer participation round!

I didn’t have any idea what to post tonight, so here are three photos I edited different ways.. Pick the one you like the most!

I was too lazy to edit out the slight greenish tint around the seagull – I just didn’t think of it when I was in lightroom, would’ve been easy to correct – but oh well.

staring_lzn staring_lzn6 staring2_lzn


A few more sunrises

I didn’t know what I felt like posting today as I’ve been feeling pretty rough, so here’s a few more sunrise photos that I don’t think I posted. I have more, but I haven’t hardly looked at them.
I like the first myself, as it looks like a painting almost.



P1150997_lzn P1160003_lzn