Hey there.

My name is Stephen. I’m just your average, everyday Joe.

I created this little blog to post various photos I’ve taken over the ages and post photos as I take them, as well.

Click on them to enlarge them, as WordPress does a pretty horrid job at resizing images to look decent.

If anyone wants a copy of any image at a higher resolution at no cost, feel free to contact me at stephen (at) juststephen.com and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. All that I ask is that you keep the watermark present, I can move it around to a different location if you desire, as well. This only applies for personal use, though.

Hopefully, this blog will show that it doesn’t require a fancy DSLR to get into photography, I presently use a camera that can be bought for less than $200.

One of these days, I do hope to upgrade to a decent DSLR, however it’s too expensive.

I also appreciate that photography doesn’t necessarily require a lot of physical exercise or movement as I have chronic health issues- if you just look around you, no matter where you are, there’s something that can be photographed.

Nature and seeing creation is one of the ways that I personally see Christ and God in creation. It’s inspiring to me – that even though this world is intrinsically flawed due to sin – it still can be beautiful and show God’s glory.

I just try to capture a glimpse of that glory and await the day when I’ll be in Heaven in glory beyond imagination for eternity.

Just Stephen