Over 50 posts!

I currently have about 55 posts, I just realized that I have reached over the 50 post threshold! I just thought I’d write this post to ask if you feel like it, please comment and leave me feedback and constructive criticism. I can only improve if I get feedback on what I could do better.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the photos I’ve posted thus far and I’ll keep on trying to post more as time goes on.


First post in a week – Tybee

I visited Tybee Island for a beach retreat. Here are some of the resulting photos from the trip in random order. There’s quite a few that I still need to process, as well as random other photos post, which I’ll do in the upcoming few days.

Remember, WordPress does a horrible job of creating thumbnails, so click on them to enlarge…

Without futher ado..

P1220533_lzn P1220022_lzn P1220407_lzn P1220025_lzn P1220428_lzn P1220295_lzn P1220254_lzn P1220529_lzn P1220498_lzn P1220210_tonemapped P1220196_tonemapped P1220072_tonemapped P1220060_lzn P1220059_lzn P1220449_lzn P1220461_lzn P1220490_lzn P1220552_lzn P1220563_lzn P1220737_lzn P1220706_lzn P1220657_lzn P1220655_lzn P1220625_lzn P1220615_lzn P1220580_lzn P1220565_lzn P1220570_lzn P1220758_lzn P1220761_lzn P1220766_lzn P1220791_lzn P1220783_lzn P1220815_lzn P1220820_lzn P1220916_tonemapped P1220930_tonemapped P1220489_lzn