Natural Bridge

I remember a year or two myself and a group of Geocachers went to a homestead on the side of a mountain/hill in Alabama. It was a beautiful place indeed. Tons of butterflies flying everywhere, dozens of types of flowers, hummingbirds flitting through the air by the dozens, a natural spring sourced waterfall with caves underneath just begging for the adventurous to explore….

These few little snapshots, a few that you’ve seen before as well, do not do it justice. I took so many other photos that I don’t feel like digging for of this place.. I could happily live here away from the hustle bustle of busy cities and just exist.

Without further ado, a few photos of many. If wanted, I can post more later…

P1060363_lzn P1060373_lzn P1060406_lzn P1060433_lzn P1060458_lzn P1060464_lzn P1060476_lzn P1060481_lzn P1060506_lzn P1060508_lzn

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