Butterflies galore

Today and tomorrow, I will be posting my largest two posts yet. I am going to finally toss the rest of my butterfly gallery on here.

So, here are the first ones… Stay tuned for more tomorrow..

P1190901 P1200008_lzn P1200012_lzn P1200016_lzn P1200020_lzn P1200033_lzn P1200040_lzn P1200044_lzn P1200058_lzn P1200073_lzn P1200082_lzn P1200085_lzn P1200091_lzn P1200094_lzn P1200110_lzn P1200134_lzn P1200155_lzn P1200156_lzn P1200173_lzn P1200193_lzn

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