I’m just going to post five bird photos a day for the next two days, as I’m not sure what to post. I have so many bird photos it’s ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve posted any of these so far, if I have, I’m sorry, but I haven’t scrolled through my posts today. :)


I’m trying to make a commitment to post -something- every day, even if it’s familiar material. Here’s something for today.

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The cemetery

I visited the cemetery where my grandmother is buried today. On my way walking away the short distance from her grave to the road, I saw this monarch butterfly zipping about, stopping only momentarily every so often, showing off. For some reason, my mind processed it as a sign, that my grandmother, who was one of the most strong and steadfast Christian’s I know, is in Heaven living an eternal life she could only dream of in this world.

Here’s a photo of the butterfly, a bird I spotted resting on a tree and another butterfly, which seems to have not a lot of time left due to its wings which aren’t in the best shape.

Just Stephen

P1180711_lzn P1180713_lzn P1180732_lzn

Viewer participation round!

I didn’t have any idea what to post tonight, so here are three photos I edited different ways.. Pick the one you like the most!

I was too lazy to edit out the slight greenish tint around the seagull – I just didn’t think of it when I was in lightroom, would’ve been easy to correct – but oh well.

staring_lzn staring_lzn6 staring2_lzn


A few more sunrises

I didn’t know what I felt like posting today as I’ve been feeling pretty rough, so here’s a few more sunrise photos that I don’t think I posted. I have more, but I haven’t hardly looked at them.
I like the first myself, as it looks like a painting almost.



P1150997_lzn P1160003_lzn

Natural Bridge

I remember a year or two myself and a group of Geocachers went to a homestead on the side of a mountain/hill in Alabama. It was a beautiful place indeed. Tons of butterflies flying everywhere, dozens of types of flowers, hummingbirds flitting through the air by the dozens, a natural spring sourced waterfall with caves underneath just begging for the adventurous to explore….

These few little snapshots, a few that you’ve seen before as well, do not do it justice. I took so many other photos that I don’t feel like digging for of this place.. I could happily live here away from the hustle bustle of busy cities and just exist.

Without further ado, a few photos of many. If wanted, I can post more later…

P1060363_lzn P1060373_lzn P1060406_lzn P1060433_lzn P1060458_lzn P1060464_lzn P1060476_lzn P1060481_lzn P1060506_lzn P1060508_lzn

Some random photos

I have honestly been feeling pretty horrible the past week or two due to stomach issues – so therefore I’m not going to worry about posting many posts based on a particular topic, but just upload several random photos when I feel able. I’ll try to make it every day, but I can’t give any guarantees.

Here’s a few random ones for today.P1070033_lzn P1150133_lzn P1170679_lzn P1170878_lzn P1180239_lzn P1180248_lzn


I visited St. Simons several days ago, and there was this very photogenic pelican.

WordPress, as always, cut off several of the photos, so click the image for a larger version.

I know some of these are similar, but they are different enough that I decided to post ’em. The last one is a bit blurry, but it captured the second…

P1170971_lzn P1170976_lzn P1170995_lzn P1180081_lzn P1180083_lzn P1180091_lzn P1180104f_lzn