The Humane Society

On the way home today, I stopped by the Humane Society for Greater Savannah.

They do a fantastic job taking care of and adopting out animals – in fact, according to their Facebook page, just in the past week, 50 animals have been adopted out.

However, there’s still many that need adoption with more coming in all of the time. They need a forever home where they can give you love and live the life they deserve to live. Animals have feelings and personalities too, just like us humans and deserve a place where they can call their “furr”ever home.

I only stayed in there for a minute or two as they were tugging at my heartstrings, but here’s a few photos of a few of the darling cats and a dog waiting for the place they’ll be able to call “home” for the rest of their days.

Why not go over to your local animal shelter and see what furry friends they have that you might be able to adopt into your family?

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