I am going to be posting various photos I’ve taken here over the ages. this post is dedicated to birds, not all of the posts will have a particular theme. I’ve taken hundreds, probably thousands photos of birds over the years, but here’s a select few…


P1140434_lzn P1080222_lzn 10269215_10154030990770262_7045176959976389976_o_lzn 1911062_10155671048090262_106138731488110342_o P1060970_lzn P1140415_lzn 1965415_10154001165835262_2187666904683315289_o P1050030 P1140407 P1140406_lzn P1040636_lzn P1140354_lzn 11260387_10155591060565262_868928712_o_lzn 10841842_10154860127650262_1615600037322334641_o - Copy P1140302 P1080560_lzn 10320973_10154030989115262_4461277920751994881_o_lzn 10296058_10154030990685262_1775967250035647105_o_lzn P1080538_lzn P1080533 10284633_10154000391760262_4436949060146122988_o_lzn

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