Crooked pier

I found this old series of photos of a very crooked and old bridge lying about, so I decided to upload it. It may be crooked, the wood may be warped, however it is still managing to stand the test of time.

The last two photos are a building that stands right next to it, that has been ransacked and vandalized to no end. I wish that I had the time to take more photos of it than I did, however it was a time crunch to grab a Geocache.

If you don’t know what Geocaching is, go to

It’s pretty much a sport where you search to find one of more than two million hidden containers stashed about the Earth. Some are more difficult than others. Also, there are trackable objects, coins you can earn and many local and regional meetups of people that Geocache. You might not have heard of it, but it’s a thriving community. I’d recommend you read the FAQ on the website about it.


It doesn’t look very intimidating as you first step onto the pier.


Hmm. Okay, that’s more of a challenge.


I don’t know, am I brave enough to step over these spots without wooden planks? Maybe.. Hopefully the next one won’t give out with my weight.


Another view from a distance of how crooked it really is..


Whelp, I made it to the end. It seems like a bunch of seagulls were waiting there to congratulate me. I actually didn’t make it quite all of the way, as it was too treacherous for my liking.


I didn’t actually go inside – didn’t think it was safe.


Here’s a side view with more graffiti.


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