The gators…

Nope. Not those Gators. They’re not worth mentioning as I don’t know anything about them. Here’s a few alligator photos though, I have more I can post if there is any demand.

You’ll have to click the images to see the full photo as for some reason WordPress resizing is cutting off the left hand side of these photos.




P1170019_lzn P1170029_lzn P1170052_lzn P1170068_lzn P1170076_lznhe g

More flowers

Well, I made it to a local botanical garden and wandered the first bit of it.  Here are a few pictures of the flowers that I encountered. If you’d like, feel free to comment with the various types, as I’m not able to name many of them, myself.

P1160746_lzn P1160763_lzn P1160777_lzn P1160780_lzn P1160801_lzn P1160815_lzn P1160817_lzn P1160831_lzn P1160843_lzn P1160845_lzn


I visited a local park the other day and took a few more photos of dragonflies. The interesting thing was, there were several flitting about, therefore I could just sit down and take shot after shot.

The problem with dragonsflies is if they know you’re around, they’re not going to stay still for more than a second or two. The trick, I found, is to find where one is tending to land quite often.

Focus precisely on that spot. Don’t move the camera an inch, else you’ll lose focus… and then wait. I managed to get a good 50-60 photos in a five or so minute time frame this way.. If you change your zoom at all or move the camera even a minute amount, you’ll lose the shot. This happened several times to me as I have pretty shaky hands.

At any rate, here’s a few dragonfly photos for y’all. I have others, but I’ll save them for another day..

P1160595_lzn P1160630_lzn P1160635_lzn P1160645_lzn P1160671_lzn



I just have to comment on the last one, I love how its wings almost seamlessly blend in.

The Humane Society

On the way home today, I stopped by the Humane Society for Greater Savannah.

They do a fantastic job taking care of and adopting out animals – in fact, according to their Facebook page, just in the past week, 50 animals have been adopted out.

However, there’s still many that need adoption with more coming in all of the time. They need a forever home where they can give you love and live the life they deserve to live. Animals have feelings and personalities too, just like us humans and deserve a place where they can call their “furr”ever home.

I only stayed in there for a minute or two as they were tugging at my heartstrings, but here’s a few photos of a few of the darling cats and a dog waiting for the place they’ll be able to call “home” for the rest of their days.

Why not go over to your local animal shelter and see what furry friends they have that you might be able to adopt into your family?

P1160856_lzn P1160868_lzn P1160879_lzn P1160886_lzn P1160888_lzn P1160892_lzn P1160900_lzn



I had no clue what to post today and I didn’t feel like digging much, so I noticed that my cat, Simba, was begging to go outside, so I obliged, mostly for the chance to get some good lighting to take a few photos of him. In the five minutes I was out, I must have been bitten by a dozen mosquitoes or other nefarious insects.

Without further ado, a couple minute photoshoot of Simba. :)

P1160457_lzn P1160472_lzn P1160486_lzn P1160502_lzn P1160508_lzn P1160511_lzn


I didn’t know what else to post for today, I just didn’t feel like doing much digging, so here’s a few random animals from a petting zoo at somewhere in Delaware or Maryland during my very relaxing trip up north. I hope to visit again sometime.

P1120898_lzn P1120948_lzn P1120954_lzn P1120958_lzn P1120959_lzn P1120950_lzn P1120912_lzn P1120961_lzn P1120904_lzn

Turtle power!

The “turtle power” post title is simply a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a cartoon that many of us used to watch, those who grew up in the 90’s, at least…

Also, it’s a reference to the contents of this post, a few turtle pictures. The first three are of a box turtle lying eggs when I was house sitting a few months ago. It was just sitting there next to the homeowner’s car, lying eggs, so I took a couple quick snapshots, left it alone and by the time I came back an hour or two later, it had wandered off into the wilderness.

I cordoned the nest off with sticks – no activity from the nest yet, but according to the all knowing Wikipedia, it take 2-3 months for them to hatch.

The last picture is just a random turtle.

Also, from this point onwards, I’ve increased the sizes of the thumbnails on the post and the actual photo if you click on the thumbnails.

Until my next post, TURTLE POWER! Or something.

P1120116_lzn P1120061 P1120064 P1150206

A few random photos for tonight

Well, it’s evening. The sun is setting, the sky is a hue of orange after a rather large thunderstorm. There’s not much of a view in the backyard, but here’s a snapshot:



I was also looking through photos and noticed that the following hibiscus has an amphibian friend…



As you can better see below.


Here’s another hibiscus, with a miniature mothra resting.


Also, I found this photo in the same folder, probably taken at the same time, of another flower with a little bumblebee buddy.


(Click on any image to enlarge it – wordpress does a horrible job at resizing images.. horrible compression..)

Black Rock Mountain Sunsets

Hopefully my photos show that you don’t need the fanciest DSLR to take a few decent photos, as mine were taken with a bridge camera that can be found for less than $200.

A DSLR would have a larger sensor size and do much better with low lighting situations, as well as have many features I’d love to have, but you have to work with what you have and can afford.

P11600332 P11600481gga

Tybee Island

I have a good many photos from Tybee Island. The funny thing is, I might only go there once every couple of years as it’s hard for me to get to, even though I only live about thirty minutes from it.

Here’s a couple of photos from Tybee, I have more, however I’m still organizing my photos, so it might be a while until I can find them.


1490757_10154712761415262_7005426981744681122_o 10333367_10154712761590262_7638748689102996933_o_lzn 10683681_10154712762530262_8055271444531230320_o_lzn freebirds_lzn jelly3_lzn P1040756_lzn tybee3_lzn


Crooked pier

I found this old series of photos of a very crooked and old bridge lying about, so I decided to upload it. It may be crooked, the wood may be warped, however it is still managing to stand the test of time.

The last two photos are a building that stands right next to it, that has been ransacked and vandalized to no end. I wish that I had the time to take more photos of it than I did, however it was a time crunch to grab a Geocache.

If you don’t know what Geocaching is, go to

It’s pretty much a sport where you search to find one of more than two million hidden containers stashed about the Earth. Some are more difficult than others. Also, there are trackable objects, coins you can earn and many local and regional meetups of people that Geocache. You might not have heard of it, but it’s a thriving community. I’d recommend you read the FAQ on the website about it.


It doesn’t look very intimidating as you first step onto the pier.


Hmm. Okay, that’s more of a challenge.


I don’t know, am I brave enough to step over these spots without wooden planks? Maybe.. Hopefully the next one won’t give out with my weight.


Another view from a distance of how crooked it really is..


Whelp, I made it to the end. It seems like a bunch of seagulls were waiting there to congratulate me. I actually didn’t make it quite all of the way, as it was too treacherous for my liking.


I didn’t actually go inside – didn’t think it was safe.


Here’s a side view with more graffiti.


The moon



The moon is yet another subject I often find myself photographing.

At any rate, I don’t have a huge deal to say about it, but here’s the first couple I’ve found – I’ll post more as I search through my folders for them. Not all of my posts will be specifically for one type of photograph, however, so you’ll just have to keep up to date on my posts.


moon2_lzn moon3_lzn




I also enjoy macro photography of various insects. Their tiny details may not be easily noticeable by the naked eye, but when put under a lens they definitely start to become more apparent. Creation is wonderful – even in the most minute details.

Here’s the first couple I saw in my photo folders, I really should dig around more, however these will do for now.



P1060497 P1130523 P1130531

P1150929_lzn P1160382_lzn P1160358_lzn


Flowers are the perfect stationary (unless the wind is blowing) subject for photography. They are each brilliant and unique in their own way. I must have thousands of photos of them, however I just selected a random few that I found while searching through folders.


You’ll undoubtedly see more updated later on.

flower7_lzn lovebugs_lzn P1020921 P1040192_lzn P1040261 P1040383_lzn P1040507_lzn P1040526_lzn P1130305_lzn P1130435 lily_lzn


I have so many photos of cats – it’s not funny. Thousands.


There has always been at least one cat in the household, no matter where I’ve lived. Let’s put it this way, I’m definitely a cat person.

This first photo was taken probably twelve or fifteen years ago, using a 1.3 megapixel camera, as well as the last one of the cat in the brick. This goes to show that you can create pretty decent photos, even if you don’t have the best equipment. I know I don’t and some people often gawk at the inexpensive camera I use – however it’s more about proper lighting, technique and the creative eye than it is about owning the newest and greatest lens and DSLR.


I’ll upload more at a later date.





P1100454_lzn P1020641_lzn P1000670_lzn P1000666_lzn kitten2_lzn 34746_10150204260175262_4310827_n_lzny ph


I love butterflies – it’s sad that many species of butterflies, including the monarch, will likely be extinct within 30-50 years, not leaving these incredible insects to be loved by future generations, just another creature on the “extinct” list.

I have many more photos than this, however they aren’t very well organized. Here’s a few though.


cropped_lzn flutterflyedited P1060389_lzn P1060420_lzn P1060427_lzn P1060439_lzn P1060444_lzn P1060446_lzn P1060447_lzn P1060451_lzn


I am going to be posting various photos I’ve taken here over the ages. this post is dedicated to birds, not all of the posts will have a particular theme. I’ve taken hundreds, probably thousands photos of birds over the years, but here’s a select few…


P1140434_lzn P1080222_lzn 10269215_10154030990770262_7045176959976389976_o_lzn 1911062_10155671048090262_106138731488110342_o P1060970_lzn P1140415_lzn 1965415_10154001165835262_2187666904683315289_o P1050030 P1140407 P1140406_lzn P1040636_lzn P1140354_lzn 11260387_10155591060565262_868928712_o_lzn 10841842_10154860127650262_1615600037322334641_o - Copy P1140302 P1080560_lzn 10320973_10154030989115262_4461277920751994881_o_lzn 10296058_10154030990685262_1775967250035647105_o_lzn P1080538_lzn P1080533 10284633_10154000391760262_4436949060146122988_o_lzn